I believe...that what we want most in life is to Be Loved, to Be Valued, and to Be Seen.  We also want our life to matter in some way, but that seems to work best when we feel we have the other three in place to some degree.

I believe...that as we search for what we hope will meet these needs, some do work in in part and some for at least a moment, but most fall drastically short.  

I also believe...that when we feel the emptiness that can come from our hunger for love and acceptance being threatened, we often turn to objects or behaviors that are misused or deceitfully harmful in order to numb or distract us from the pain and disappointment we feel.

But, I believe...that there is One who truly loves, values and sees us.  God, through His Son Jesus and the power of His Holy Spirit, fully meets our greatest needs so we don't end up placing such dependence on people and things that are unequipped to handle such a daunting task.  Letting go of this dependence on things of the world and placing it on God where it belongs, frees us to live healthier, happier lives; full of hope and purpose.

I believe... that a lot of us don't have the skills we need in order to deal with the distortion of who to turn to for the fulfillment we long for.  When struggles come along that we are not prepared for, we could use a little help to point us in the right direction.  

I believe... that although I am still learning and stumbling forward, some of the skills I have learned could be helpful.  As I weed through the clutter to get to the important and discard the empty enticements to clear the way to what really satisfies, I am eager to share my experiences with you.  

If you believe... you want these same things, come join me as we both walk towards a simply uncluttered life.  



"Just one thing: Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."

Philippians 1:27